Simply360 is easy, powerful, and completely customizable

There are no limits to the types of data you can track — from people to pets to paint colors, Simply360 can easily be tailored to every organization's unique needs.

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Simple interface empowers your entire team

Simply360's easy-to-use web interface means no more waiting for your IT staff to answer data questions or pull specific groups of contacts.

Each team member can get custom reports themselves with the data they need to run your organization.

One Person, One Record

For every person, you can easily manage:

➟ Communications
➟ Donations
➟ Case Involvement
➟ Program Participation
➟ Relationships
➟ Applications and Form Submissions
And anything else. Custom data definitions allow for infinite possibilities.

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Marketing and transactional emails all in one place

There’s no need to set up a separate email platform — Simply360 lets you manage your newsletters, invitations, campaigns, and other emails right in the app.

See statistics about who opened an email or clicked your links, and get a list of which emails a subscriber received on their record.

Personalized members portal with event registration

Simply360 comes with a friendly, easy-to-use portal for all of your member interactions. Files, links, forms, or colorful widgets: you can grant access to all your resources and collect any kind of data — and your members only need one account for it all.

Manage all of your events with Simply360, and let people register online. Easily configure advanced pricing, eligibility, and custom forms.

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