A single, easy-to-use database for all of your nonprofit's data.

Simply360 is the nonprofit CRM built by people who understand nonprofits. We're bringing all of your information about programs, clients, cases, volunteers, events, donors, and staff together into a single database – one platform to learn, one communication hub to manage, one place to measure their impact.


Simple & easy

Above all else, Simply360 is easy to use. It has been built from the ground up to make managing people and their impact as simple as possible, eliminating complications, frustrating learning curves, and – as a result – wasted money. See what it can do.

360 degrees

With one database, your nonprofit can now track everything that makes your mission possible: from programs to communications to fundraising. Simply360 makes it easy to see every aspect of an individual's relationship with you, managing all of their involvement in a single place and empowering you to share that information with whoever you choose. Learn more.



Budget friendly

A simple monthly license is all you need to use Simply360. But if you'd like our hands-on help moving over from your old databases, we'll charge you a straightforward flat fee so that you can easily budget for everything you'll spend. See our pricing.