5¢/month per active record.
It's that simple.

Each person, organization, and event in your database is a record.

Active records are those that you've worked with in the last year. You don't pay anything for older records.


Just pay for what you use

We strongly believe in giving you unlimited users and unlimited online support, no matter how many records you keep.

You can send and track emails right in Simply360 for just 1¢ per recipient. Phone support plans and high volume email discounts are available by request.

Optional professional services

Data conversion: Pay a flat upfront fee to have us convert your existing data for you, moving it across from your previous systems. Starting at $500.

Database setup: With years of nonprofit experience behind us, we can help you create the best structure for your data based on your processes and programs. Starting at $2,500.

Custom integrations: We can help you create custom setups or build links to other systems. Simple, project-based pricing.